Raven-C and uRaven-C PoE Power Adapters

Charge Compatible USB-C Mobile Devices with Raven-C and uRaven-C PoE Power Adapters

In a previous blog article, we looked at the USB-A Raven PoE Power adapters (Raven-A and uRaven-A). LAVA’s Raven Series can charge devices through Power over Ethernet (PoE). The adapters split the power and data signals provided over PoE and output them to different ports. While the USB-A models work as universal chargers for any

Zooming with the nSynC-2UE

With office work becoming more digital, it’s often necessary to hold meetings remotely via video conferencing.LAVA SimulCharge adapters can help turn a tablet into a versatile solution for Zoom and other video conferencing apps, that is more cost-effective than turnkey solutions from competitors.This article looks at the use case of combining LAVA’s nSynC-2UE adapter, a

Raven-A and uRaven-A PoE Power Adapters

Charge Any Device over USB with Raven-A and uRaven-A PoE Power Adapters

LAVA’s Raven Series is a line of power adapters that can charge devices through Power over Ethernet (PoE). The Raven adapters split the power and data signals provided over PoE and output them to different ports. The line consists of four different adapters but this article will focus on the Raven-A and uRaven-A PoE Power

Raven PoE Power Adapters

Introducing LAVA’s Raven PoE Power Adapters

LAVA has unveiled the Raven Series – a new line of Power over Ethernet (PoE) power adapters for tablets, smartphones and other devices that charge over USB. PoE provides both power and a wired network connection over the same Ethernet cable, eliminating the need for a separate electrical cable. The Raven PoE Power Adapters take

Charge-Check video

LAVA Products and Technologies Get Spotlight in New Videos

LAVA offers a variety of products that allow you to get better functionality out of your mobile device. However, it’s not always clear from a static webpage how exactly our adapters work. That is why we at LAVA have decided to produce videos that highlight our products, their capabilities and underlying technologies. In April, we

Guide to Status LED Indicators

LAVA’s eSynC product family features LED lights that serve as status indicators to help troubleshoot issues. All these adapters include a green indicator light to indicate the charge status, while ones with USB-A ports also have a yellow LED indicator to indicate the status of the USB connection. Ethernet adapters have additional green and yellow

Introducing eSynC and nSynC

To celebrate the redesign of the SimulCharge website, LAVA’s USB-C Enterprise adapters have undergone a rebranding. Going forward, the SynC+ adapters will be known as eSynC. They still provide simultaneous charging and access to data and the port configuration options remain the same. You can still get them with wired Ethernet connectivity and/or multiple USB-A ports for

How to Set Up CarPlay with a Samsung Tablet and LAVA Adapter

If you need to use your iPhone while driving, Apple CarPlay is a safe, hands-free option. Of course, not all vehicles have built-in connectivity so you don’t always have native access to the app. This article looks at how one LAVA customer used the SynC+ vc3U adapter (recently rebranded as the eSynC-vc3U) with a Samsung

Modern Hotel Business Centre

Modernize Your Hotel Business Centre with Tablet Workstations

While it’s more common to find desktop PCs in a hotel business centre, wall-mounted tablets may be a better choice for hoteliers that want a more contemporary look or have limited space. Pairing tablets with SimulCharge adapters can provide guests with a PC-like experience while maintaining the low cost and sleek visual appeal of a