VC-OEM: Motorcycle Smartphone Charging Solution

LAVA’s VC-OEM power adapter is designed as a compact charging solution, capable of converting higher-voltage DC power to mobile device friendly levels. It can be used in a variety of environments, including battery based and vehicle applications. But vehicle applications are not just limited to cars and trucks – the VC-OEM can also be used

LAVA’s Integrated Solution for Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs)

In the world of commercial transportation and fleet management, it is critical to have cargo arrive at its destination on time. At LAVA we understand the necessity of reliable equipment to make that happen, and as such, we have developed integrated solutions for a device every commercial vehicle requires: Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs). This article

Why We Use Batch Production

At LAVA we have developed a hybrid production methodology to manufacture our products. Last week, we discussed how following principles of Just in Time production minimize our inventory, organize our production floor, and shorten project turnaround time. This week, we are shining a light on the other production method used to maximise efficiency: batch production.

SONIFY Health Digital Door Sign

PARTNER HIGHLIGHT: SONIFI Health Patient Door Sign Tablet Kiosk

With all the recent changes to life surrounding #COVID19, we would like to highlight our healthcare partners’ solutions that are critical to patients and healthcare workers to keep them safe and informed. SONIFI Health’s Digital Door Signs display the most important patient information where it’s needed most. These signs empower staff with critical information before