Back to School gadgets from LAVA

Back-to-School Gadgets from LAVA

With the new school year right around the corner, it’s important for students to have the tech they need to start the year out right. While schools are back open for business, the pandemic has dramatically changed how students learn. Universities, especially, are offering more courses online. In some cases, entire degrees can be done

Why LAVA is No. 1 in Battery Protection_A01

Why LAVA is #1 in Battery Protection

At LAVA, we make high-quality SimulCharge mobile adapters that provide simultaneous charging and data to tablets and smartphones. Some of these adapters also feature overcharge protection through Battery Modulation. This article looks at how this technology work and how it makes LAVA a leader in battery protection. The idea of modulating a charge to the

Raven-C and uRaven-C PoE Power Adapters

Charge Compatible USB-C Mobile Devices with Raven-C and uRaven-C PoE Power Adapters

In a previous blog article, we looked at the USB-A Raven PoE Power adapters (Raven-A and uRaven-A). LAVA’s Raven Series can charge devices through Power over Ethernet (PoE). The adapters split the power and data signals provided over PoE and output them to different ports. While the USB-A models work as universal chargers for any

Raven-A and uRaven-A PoE Power Adapters

Charge Any Device over USB with Raven-A and uRaven-A PoE Power Adapters

LAVA’s Raven Series is a line of power adapters that can charge devices through Power over Ethernet (PoE). The Raven adapters split the power and data signals provided over PoE and output them to different ports. The line consists of four different adapters but this article will focus on the Raven-A and uRaven-A PoE Power

Raven PoE Power Adapters

Introducing LAVA’s Raven PoE Power Adapters

LAVA has unveiled the Raven Series – a new line of Power over Ethernet (PoE) power adapters for tablets, smartphones and other devices that charge over USB. PoE provides both power and a wired network connection over the same Ethernet cable, eliminating the need for a separate electrical cable. The Raven PoE Power Adapters take

Home Vs Enterprise

Enterprise vs. Home Series SimulCharge Adapters: Which is Right for You?

LAVA builds adapters for both Enterprise and Home applications and sometimes it may be difficult to tell which adapter to use, especially as some devices in both lines have the same port configuration. This article will give an overview of the similarities and differences of these adapters so you can better understand which is the

Charge-Plus USB-C LAN, Charge-Plus USB-C LAN HUB and Charge-Check with a Christmas tree

LAVA Gift Guide: What to Buy the Techie Person in Your Life

Can’t decide what to buy that friend or family member who is always on their phone or tablet? Don’t worry, LAVA has a few gift ideas for you. LAVA’s Home series adapters make the perfect present for those who want to get the most out of their mobile devices. Take a look at the options

uSTS-1U MINI connected to tablet and heart-monitoring device

Small SimulCharge Adapters Aid Medical Tech Company’s Heart Implant Device

Previously, we looked at the origin of the uSTS-1U MINI and uSynC-1U MINI adapters and how they benefited one of LAVA’s clients in the digital healthcare industry. This article will look at another application of these SimulCharge adapters in the medical field. This customer, a cardiovascular implant company, was using Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 tablets

M8 nP2UE, uSynC-1U MINIn and uSTS-1U MINI

November Edition: LAVA Link Newsletter

New Products at LAVA November was a busy month for LAVA as we released multiple new products. Leading the release schedule was the M8 nP2UE – a custom enclosure for the Lenovo Tab M8 HD tablet. It features an integrated SimulCharge adapter (simultaneous charging and data), that includes Power over Ethernet (PoE), Ethernet and two

u Series Overview

LAVA u Series Adapter Overview

LAVA’s u series adapters are mid-tier SimulCharge devices. You won’t find most of the products advertised on our website but you can reach out to us if you have any inquiries. This article will provide an overview of these adapters and their underlying technologies. SimulCharge Technology SimulCharge technology allows select mobile devices, such as tablets