LAVA n Series Adapter Overview

LAVA’s n series adapters are entry-level SimulCharge devices. These adapters are available for select Samsung and Lenovo mobile devices. This article will provide an overview of the underlying technologies and features of this product line. SimulCharge Technology SimulCharge technology allows select mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, to charge while simultaneously communicating with peripherals.

Screen Brightness Configuration Guide

In an earlier article, we looked at the Screen Brightness Management feature, available with our RBM-equipped SimulCharge adapters. The feature lets users schedule a display brightness level for two different times of day – one for daytime operation and one for night time. This both reduces heat generation from the screen and saves on battery

LAVA’s ELD Solution Featuring the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro

Previously, we discussed how LAVA adapters provide an integrated solution for ELD systems. Yet, every technological innovation presents an opportunity for new solutions. This article will explore a use case for pairing LAVA’s eSynC-vc3U with a Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro (SM-G715) smartphone. When used together, they create a cost-effective, value-add solution for ELD applications by