Blood pressure cuff attached to uSTS-1U MINI

The Origin of the uSTS-1U MINI and uSynC-1U MINI

At LAVA, we pride ourselves in creating devices that fit our client’s needs. This article will showcase the origin of the uSTS-1U MINI and uSynC-1U MINI, which were created for a customer in the teleheath industry. The client was a Canadian digital healthcare company that specialized in remote patient monitoring solutions. In particular, the company

uSynC-1U MINI and uSTS-1U MINI

Introducing the uSynC-1U MINI and uSTS-1U MINI!

Developed as a special project for a medical company, the uSynC-1U MINI and uSTS-1U MINI are small, easily portable adapters that provide simultaneous charging and data, have Continuously Active Battery Modulation (CABM) technology and one USB-A port. The white uSynC-1U is designed to work with select USB-C Samsung devices, while the blue uSTS-1U MINI works

Wired vs Wireless

The Benefits of Wired Peripherals and Networks

While we live in an increasingly wireless age, there are many advantages to using a wired connection for your mobile device. From reliability to ease of use, wired devices generally offer superior functionality. This article will show how using wired peripherals and network connections are contextually superior to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, respectively. Wired peripherals and

Lava FAQ

Your Questions Answered: SimulCharge FAQ

LAVA’s SimulCharge adapters offer a great solution for businesses and consumers who need to be able to charge their mobile devices while using Ethernet and/or USB peripherals at the same time. However, for those unfamiliar with the technical side of mobile devices, this can be confusing. We’ve compiled a few frequently asked questions from our