Booting a Tab 4 while using STS and Kiosk

One of the main quirks when integrating a Samsung Tab 4 with any of our STS products (or Kiosk enclosures) has to do with booting up a Tab 4 from a power off state.

Samsung’s design of the Tab 4’s internal boot sequence is such that both charging and booting end up being disabled whenever a Tab 4 detects the appropriate single from an STS device (or Kiosk enclosure) to indicate SimulCharge Mode.

For our STS products this issue could be resolved by disconnecting the Tablet and either charging it for a bit or powering on the Tablet before reconnecting it. However for a Kiosk solution (which is often connected all the time) this really isn’t a feasible option. Since disabling of booting and charging is only an issue when the Tablet is in SimulCharge Mode we’ve managed to overcome this quirk by implemented a “Mode Select” button which provides the ability to toggle between SimulCharge and ChargeOnly Mode on the fly.

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