LAVA’s ELD Solution Featuring the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro

Previously, we discussed how LAVA adapters provide an integrated solution for ELD systems. Yet, every technological innovation presents an opportunity for new solutions. This article will explore a use case for pairing LAVA’s SynC+ vc3U with a Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro (SM-G715) smartphone. When used together, they create a cost-effective, value-add solution for ELD applications by allowing drivers to accomplish more with one mobile device.

When integrated within a vehicle’s cab and connected to the ELD system, the SynC+ vc3U provides a data connection between the ELD module and the XCover Pro, simultaneously charges the phone, and includes three USB-A ports for extra peripheral options. The ELD will need to use one of these USB-A ports, but drivers are still able to connect two additional USB peripherals.

The SynC+ vc3U’s built-in voltage converter steps down the vehicle’s 12V power source to a device-friendly 5V. If so desired, the adapter can even be directly wired into the vehicle, making it easy to integrate and power. RBM modulates the charging levels of the XCover Pro, in tandem with LTM software installed on the phone, preventing overcharging and battery bloating while maximising the phone’s battery lifespan.

Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro is a ruggedized mobile phone designed to perform in outdoor conditions with extreme temperatures, weather, and at varying altitudes. Built for heavy duty applications, it offers enhanced protection from both impact shock and pressure so drivers can be confident that their phone is safe from harm both inside and outside of a vehicle. The key feature for this solution is that the XCover Pro’s camera includes scanning capabilities for documents and barcode tags. Drivers can easily process documentation within their vehicle, providing quick proof of delivery, reducing time in the billing cycle, and allowing them to move onto their next delivery faster. The camera’s scanner is able to scan multiple barcodes at once to further streamline the experience when picking up new cargo. It also allows them to keep track of their own receipts when submitting expense reports. Moreover, the XCover Pro supports LTE, allowing for real-time communication between drivers and their headquarters, as well as access to GPS and media applications. This means that companies can issue one phone that can be used for multiple things: uploading data to central via LTE, uploading ELD data via LTE, providing a GPS for navigation and offering an easy contact method for central to driver or vice versa.

Using LAVA’s SynC+ vc3U with the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro offers many benefits. SimulCharge ensures the phone never runs out of power and that its battery lasts well beyond its typical lifespan with Battery Modulation Technology.  Additionally, the XCover Pro’s built-in scanner removes the need for a separate scanning USB peripheral. Drivers can instead use the free USB ports for other peripherals, such as a printer (which requires two ports) for any hardcopy documentation they require, including BOLs, permits, invoices, and receipts. This solution allows drivers to accomplish more with a single device, increasing the efficiency of their in-vehicle workstation, and saves their employers the cost of additional equipment or replacing broken mobile devices. Finally, the XCover Pro’s ruggedized enclosure and systems make it more durable and equipped for field work, ensuring it doesn’t have to be replaced as often.

Reliable device connectivity is paramount for drivers and LAVA adapters, such as the SynC+ vc3U, provide a cost-effective value-add solution for ELD systems on and off the road.

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