M8 nP2UE enclosure for Lenovo Tab M8 HD tablet

Introducing the New M8 nP2UE Enclosure!

LAVA has developed an enclosure with an integrated SimulCharge adapter for the Lenovo Tab M8 HD!

The new M8 nP2UE features a built-in nLTS-P2UE adapter that provides the Lenovo Tab M8 HD tablet (ZA5G0060US or TB-8505F), with simultaneous charging and access to data. It also features Power over Ethernet (PoE), Ethernet and two USB-A ports for peripherals.

The Ethernet port provides a reliable wired network connection and, with PoE, the Lenovo tablet does not require a separate power cable to charge. The tablet can also be installed up to 328 ft (100 m) from a PoE-capable network switch, providing more options on where to put it.

The two USB-A ports can be used for a variety of peripherals, such as a card reader, printer, scanner, keyboard or mouse.

The M8 nP2UE provides an easy SimulCharge solution and its compact design makes it ideal for kitchens, digital signage and warehousing applications.

To learn more about the M8 nP2UE enclosure, check out LAVA’s website.

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