LAVA Enterprise and Consumer Mobile Technologies

Uncover Endless Possibilities with LAVA Enterprise & Consumer Mobile Solutions

From consumer to enterprise solutions, LAVA develops unique mobile technologies backed by 30 years of expertise to transform consumer tablets into commercial tablet kiosk systems.

Our SimulCharge technology built into our adapters allows the tablet to access USB peripherals or LAN while charging via USB brick, PoE, or AC/DC adapter.

Our proprietary Battery Modulation and CABM technology improves battery tablet longevity and maximizes mobile kiosk operational lifespan.

With LAVA’s technology and available connectivity configurations, enterprises, integrators, and VARs can turn a tablet into a custom, purpose-built, and lasting tablet kiosk system for mPOS, Staff Clock, Conference Room Applications or any tablet-based system in retail, logistics or smart manufacturing.

By leveraging our knowledge and expertise through our technology, LAVA continuously evolves to meet pressing technological challenges and enables a business shift into a new mobile-enabled era.

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