How a Samsung, LAVA and ProClip solution drives cutting-edge, traceable and paperless connected manufacturing on a smart plant floor

Today, forward-thinking companies are embracing a quality-minded philosophy to increase growth and profitability. Moreover, as part of the Industry 4.0 concept, such businesses are increasingly looking towards automated plant floors as drivers of high production quality.

Unsurprisingly, with emerging technologies, such as real-time data monitoring and ruggedized mobile solutions, the automated and connected plant floor is becoming a new reality that will soon become standard across the industry. Recently, a leader in the manufacturing of branded lawn and gardening products, took a step in the direction of smart plant floor management with the introduction of a mobile production line management solution. In doing so, the company is taking a bold step towards the future, a step that will strengthen its market position, while ensuring that it continues delivering high-quality products.

Case Study
Case Study

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