Tablet Display Solutions in an Age of Big, Brash and Bold Digital Signage

Not that long ago LAVA attended the Digital Signage Expo 2018 in Las Vegas. I have to admit that when I first stepped onto the trade show floor I was taken aback, struck by the big, brash and bold signage displays at the show.

You’d look to your left and see 60+ inch high resolution monitors. You’d turn right and notice impossibly clear 8k displays. I have to admit to feeling humbled and somewhat insignificant, walking to our own booth and being reminded that we were selling small – no bigger than 11 inches – tablet kiosk displays; or more accurately, an essential element of those displays.

My A-Ha Moment

It was in that moment that I recalled a comment made by my co-worker Markian. About a week before the show he had remarked that in this high-res, big screen space, LAVA, was doing the real disruption.

He was saying that in an age where it seems everyone is getting bigger and bolder with their digital signage, there is a real need for affordable and effective tablet-based kiosk displays. LAVA adapters support these low-cost and flexible solutions, with a broad range of applications.

LAVA adapters will be there for your tablet if it needs simultaneous charging, and USB ports, Ethernet connectivity, or battery modulation to extend lifetime. In an age of bigger and bolder tech, it is useful to remember that good things often come in small packages.

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