SimulCharge – the technology that enables possibilities, RBM – the extension that makes them last (Part 2)

OK, remember how the last part ended? NO! well, something like this:

So where does RBM come in?  To explain that one we need to delve into some history and “blow our own horn”.

And we continue:

Here goes (the horn blowing part): In 2014 Lava was the “proud winner” of a contract to supply Canadian Tire with their “Customer Facing in Isle Devices – CFID’s” . Well, let’s just call a spade a spade and a Kiosk a Kiosk – which is what a CFID really is.  The first roll out of 880 units had an even more limited usage – It was intended as a internet browser based look up tool for Wiper Blades; yes the type that clear the windshield of a car.  Basically – a CFID was/is a Samsung Tablet (Tab4), inside an enclosure, connected to a Lava STS board (BTW if you don’t know what an STS board is then …. Well visit our web site). The Lava electronics allowed the tablet to be connected to wired Ethernet (PoE I might add) and be powered continuously for 24/7 maintenance free operation (there are more features but……).

Everything worked as per plan for; well about 10 months….

Then S….. hit the fan – Plop – what a mess

The Slogan (part2): RMB – the extension that makes them last

The Headline: Lithium Batteries Bloat causing a fear that they may explode.  (Lawyers loose their Caribbean tan after hearing this)

The Explanation Part One: The reaction by a certain manufacturer was one of denial – never happens; must be caused by excessive heat from the Lava electronics.  We won’t mention who we are referring to – they’ve suffered enough as a result of bloating and exploding batteries… why rub salt……But heck – a problem is a problem and a solution is a must – what to do?

The Explanation Part Deux: Well it turns out that the problem is not quite what we were told: heat was not a major contributor but as I described in my previous post “Phone-Fuze is Born”, “Lithium Battery really really really… should never be trickle charged and should never be overcharged. Trickle charging quickly leads to battery degradation and eventual gassing ie battery bloat”. I won’t repeat here things from that post but after almost a year of experimenting, testing and basically beating our heads against a wall we came up with a simple and elegant solution – BATTERY MODULATION.

The Explanation Part… (it just keeps going):

But you have to wait and read the next post (apparently I am supposed to limit my blog to about 500 words and the only way I know how to do that is to split them up)

Roman (Moko) Wynnyckyj

Lava Computer MFG. Inc.

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