The sneek peek from LAVA meetings: Introduction to a new Phone Overcharge Protection product.

Overcharge protection chargerThis week at LAVA, we had a board meeting where we discussed the new “Simple Overcharge Protection device for a phone” product that the LAVA team is currently working on.

Product Background:

LAVA Computer MFG designs and manufactures computing interfaces and devices – generally for commercial use (in applications where the end-user is generally unaware that a LAVA product is a key component). But, did you know that LAVA has also had success with customer-end products?

Our [Simulcharge] technology was first introduced into a commercial environment, but eventually, it found its way onto store shelves worldwide. The [Simulcharge USB (TL-002)] device is still the only available device on the market that allows a user to access USB peripherals while simultaneously charging his/her Samsung tablet. That’s just a short story of one of our consumer-end products.

Meanwhile in the boardroom, while sitting and discussing different strategies for our new product, it became more and more evident that “History repeats itself.” The story behind designing & engineering our “Simple Overcharge Protection device for a phone” is similar to the story behind the Simulcharge USB device. Whereas other companies often think of the consumer market first, LAVA product development tends to go from commercial application to consumer-end product. That’s both the strength and weakness of an engineering company: on the one hand, we’re sometimes late to market, but on the other, once the consumer product is launched, it’s technology has had ample field tests in different product flavors.

What is “Simple Overcharge Protection device for a phone?”

Behind each LAVA product, there is a team of great people who are bringing their expertise into the engineering process. The “Simple Overcharge Protection device for a phone” was the outcome of our (problematic) experience with a lithium-ion battery usage in tablets (short story – tablet batteries tend to go bad if they are overcharged over long periods of time).

We have all heard about Samsung’s issues with mobile phone batteries. Last year, almost every day, the news was filled with stories or pictures of exploding or battery bloated phones. The web was overloaded with articles about lithium-ion battery behavior. Tech forums were bombarded with questions about how to properly charge a smartphone. Undoubtedly, 2016 was a great educational year for smartphone users, but the problem of proper smartphone charging remained unsolved.

In the meantime, LAVA had a commercial line of products that regulated the charging of lithium-ion batteries for tablets that had to be “on” 24/7 – specifically in kiosks, interactive info terminals, etc. However, our technology was not accessible to the public. That’s how the “Simple Overcharge Protection device for a phone” came to life. The device connects between your phone and its charging unit, and monitors the charge level during trickle charging, protecting the phone from overcharging. It improves your battery lifespan and overall phone health. That’s just a sneek peak of our new product, and there is more to be revealed in future.

When the product will be accessible to the public.

Heads up! We’re rushing as much as we can, but what matters the most is quality, and LAVA takes great pride in our products, as they must conform to the highest standards. The product is expected to be launched in the second quarter of the year, and it will be sold through our distributor channels and directly at LAVA’s product website. Moreover, we are planning to give away some product freebies, so stay tuned for more information.

I would like to know a little bit more about the product.

“The sneek peak from the LAVA meeting” will be a series of articles about life at LAVA. You will find product updates here, information on new releases, insights into product development and so on. Don’t forget to come back to our blog and follow us on [Facebook] and [Twitter] to stay updated. We hope to see you soon!

Natalia Haluszka | Marketing & Digital Media
Special thanks to Mychailo Wynnyckyj for his insights in preparing this article.

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