HQ ST Plus Sales Call

Yesterday, we had a telephone call from a long time POS Reseller of Lava here in Canada. Both companies had invested a lot of time in a potential sale to a customer four years ago and then the sale went dark. Not only that, but the Reseller had changed some internal sales programs so that Lava’s HQ-ST Plus products was not a primary focus. But our reseller representative had had success with the HQ-ST Plus product line in the past and never forgot the original customer requirement and always tried to present the products to the customers, if it was appropriate.

Then this week, without prompting; the customer called the reseller and again asked about upgrading their in-house technology. The requirements were: add automated reporting or polling software, add backup capabilities for the generated reports with minimal disruption to existing infrastructure. Finally, if possible; do it with off the shelf hardware and software and make it cost-effective because times are still tough in the industry.

The reseller recommended the HQ-ST plus System for the following reasons:

  • it makes use of existing infrastructure
  • Static IP address only needed in Head Office [H.O.] location
  • The ST Plus is an active unit – constantly checking in with the H.O. unit
  • The H.O. unit knows which stores are active. The H.O. software will tell you which units are off-line
  • if a the ST-unit goes down – an alarm is issued at the HQ location

Follow us to see how the sales cycle progresses and if the sale does happen.

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