The What and Why of RBM

What exactly is Recovery Battery Modulation (RBM) and why do you need it? We at LAVA, describe it as “a feature that facilitates battery modulation and network recovery, which improves a tablet’s longevity and guarantees a robust network connection.”

Jeez; who wrote that bunch of technical jargon? Okay…it might have been me. One of the challenges of selling technology is communicating in a way that helps customers understand. The seller often has a very intuitive understanding of the technology, whereas Continue reading “The What and Why of RBM”


Technology. It’s Pretty Neat.

We live in a time where the 3 inch device that fits in your pocket is more powerful than the computer used in the moon landing. Where the largest repository of knowledge in history is available at our fingertips. Where amounts of data unfathomable to someone 30 or so years ago can be carried on a simple USB drive. Technology is indeed, pretty neat.

Well… when it works.

How many times has a computer problem been solved by simply “turning it off then turning it back on again”? Uninstalling then re-installing the program? Unplugging it then Continue reading “Technology. It’s Pretty Neat.”

Tablet Display Solutions in an Age of Big, Brash and Bold Digital Signage

Not that long ago LAVA attended the Digital Signage Expo 2018 in Las Vegas. I have to admit that when I first stepped onto the trade show floor I was taken aback, struck by the big, brash and bold signage displays at the show.

You’d look to your left and see 60+ inch high resolution monitors. You’d turn right and notice impossibly clear 8k displays. I have to admit to feeling humbled Continue reading

Tablet Display Solutions in an Age of Big, Brash and Bold Digital Signage

The TL-002 Dilemma – The Price Versus Fit Balancing Act

In my role as Business Development Manager, a fancy term perhaps for a salesman, I would regularly get calls from potential clients, inquiring about the TL-002. Just in case you are not familiar with LAVA’s product naming conventions, the TL-002 is our most entry level product and it comes with our trademark Simulcharge functionality. Simulcharge is the technology that allows you to simultaneously charge your tablet while supporting a USB device.

It is one of our least expensive products, but one that I would never recommend to a corporate client. Now before you disdainfully shake your head at the thought of a salesman choosing not to recommend one of his less pricey products, hear me out.

Continue reading

The TL-002 Dilemma – The Price Versus Fit Balancing Act

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We’re Good to Go and Ready to Launch!

We are pleased to announce a refresh of LAVA’s website! Some things are new and others will still look familiar. Our primary URL remains

Our goal with this new website is to improve your customer experience and provide visitors with an easier way to learn about LAVA’s entire range of products and solutions. You will also learn more about who we are. Continue reading

We’re Good to Go and Ready to Launch!